April 11, 2018


  Hi! I am an international attorney, political scientists, and PhD (ABD) candidate at Georgetown University, where I’m completing my dissertation on the spread of undemocratic civil society laws in the world’s strongest democratic states.  It examines a global legal phenomenon in the context of global democratic decay, international human rights, and international law more generally.

I hold graduate degrees from Harvard Law (JD), Oxford University (MPhil), and Georgetown University (MA/ PhD (ABD)), and specialize in International, Comparative, and Human Rights Law, Democracy, Global Civil Society, and NGO-State Relations.

For the past decade, I’ve worked as an international attorney for the International Center for Not-for-Profit Law and an adjunct professor for the College of William and Mary. I’ve also worked for the US State Department, the Constitution Project, and Oxford University Press.  I am the lead author of Global Trends in NGO Law, the principal investigator on a joint project between Georgetown Law and the Global Parliament of Mayors, and serve as the Doctoral Fellow for the Georgetown Global Cities Initiative. My current research focuses on the rise of sub-national actors in international relations and international law, notably including cities and civil society organizations.

In my free time, I love to run, bake bread while watching the Great British Bake Off, and climb trees with my two crazy little boys.