April 6, 2018

Conferences/ Presentations


“The Urbanization of International Legal Relations: Cities’ Rising Soft Power & Soft Law in the Global Context,” Contributing Authors’ Workshop, Handbook on Cities and International Law,  Janne Nijman and Helmut Aust (Eds.), Elgar Handbook Series, The Hague, Netherlands, Spring 2018. [Presentation]

“Global City Networks, International City Diplomacy, and Municipal International Law,” Student Research Retreat, Georgetown Global Cities Initiative, February 23, 2019. [Presentation]

“The Rise of Metropolitanism,” New Global Commons Working Group, Institute for the Study of Diplomacy, November 2018. [Invited Participant]

“The Associational Counter-Revolution: The Rise, Spread and Diffusion of Restrictive Civil Society Laws in Democratic States,” The Association for Research on the Non-Profit Organizations and Voluntary Action’s Annual Conference, Doctoral Fellow Seminar, Seminar A, Austin, TX, November 14-17, 2018. [Presentation]

“City Networks: An Overview,” Global Parliament of Mayors, Annual Summit, Bristol, UK, October 21-23, 2018. [Presentation]

“Collecting and Analyzing NGO Laws & Data,” NGO Data Workshop, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada, October 18-20, 2018. [Presentation]

“Governing the Exploration and Exploitation of Outer Space and Its Resources: The Lacunae Between Managing Global Commons Resources for the Common Heritage of Mankind and the Allocation of Private Property Rights in Accordance with the Province of Mankind Principle,” Celebrating Commons Scholarship Conference, Georgetown Law Center, October 5-6, 2018 [co-authored with Leslyn Lewis].

“The Rise and Spread of Undemocratic Laws in Democratic States,” the Institute for Global Law and Policy’s 2018 Conference, Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA, June 2-3, 2018.

“The Associational Counter-Revolution: The Rise, Spread and Diffusion of Restrictive Civil Society Laws in Democratic States,” The New England Political Science Association Annual Conference 2018, Portsmouth, NH, April 19-21, 2018.

“Democracy: Its Promise & Its Problems.” Georgetown University, March 15, 2018, Guest Lecture for Course on Latin American Politics.

“Constitutionalism in Iraq: The Story of Its Creation, Implementation and Interpretation.” American University, November 9, 2010.

“The Laws of War: Jewish and Islamic Perspectives,” The William and Mary Law School. Sponsored by the Program in Comparative Legal Studies and Post-Conflict Justice. January 27, 2010.

“What to Do with a JD, MA and/or PHD?,” The College of William and Mary, November 7, 2009.

“Studying Islam: What Have We Learned?,” American Council for the Study of Islamic Societies, 25th Annual Conference. April 11-12, 2008. Featured speaker, “A New Hamas for a New Era: The Effect of Politics on Radical Ideologies and Behaviors.”

“Human Rights in International Law,” Georgetown University, Guest Lecture, November 2007.